The complete list of changes for Bucardo can also be found in the Changes file that ships with Bucardo.

[GSM is Greg Sabino Mullane ]

Bucardo version 5.4.0, released August 6, 2015

  • (git commit a0eff9f6558cc2c6b19e4e675604250ad00ce420)
  • Allow dashes in valid schema and table names [David Christensen]
  • New command “bucardo delta [syncname…]” to show number of pending delta rows on source databases. [Greg Sabino Mullane]
  • Fix incorrect usage of the ‘dbconn’ parameter in the bucardo.db table [Greg Sabino Mullane, reported by Alexandre Busquets]
  • Fix case where VAC sometimes skipped databases used in multiple syncs. [Greg Sabino Mullane, reported by Andrey Solovjov]
  • Adjustments for new version of ExtUtils::MakeMaker [Mathieu Arnold]
  • When doing target deletes, use the quoted version of the primary key column names.[Greg Sabino Mullane]
  • Make sure we do not signal other syncs during makedelta runs if the other syncs are inactive or have autokick off. [Greg Sabino Mullane]
  • Allow code with ‘array_agg’ to work on Postgres <= 8.2, along with many other minor changes to support older versions. [Greg Sabino Mullane]
  • Add new internal function bucardo_purge_delta_oid which helps the VAC process work better on older versions of Postgres (<= 8.2) [Greg Sabino Mullane]
  • Add new function bucardo_purge_sync_track which removes all track and delta entries for a given sync. Use with care. [Greg Sabino Mullane]
  • Allow ‘bucardo validate’ to drop the autokick triggers if they are no longer needed. [Greg Sabino Mullane]
  • Add ‘PRAGMA defer_foreign_keys’ for sqlite targets [Greg Sabino Mullane]
  • Do not try to apply ‘READ WRITE’ when doing the initial SET TRANSACTION for MySQL and MariaDB, as that option is not supported across all versions.[Greg Sabino Mullane]
  • Remove default value from sync.isolation_level, so we can default to the global one when needed.[Greg Sabino Mullane]
  • Improve workings of the ‘pkonly’ argument to “bucardo add tables” [Greg Sabino Mullane]
  • Make ‘bucardo list relgroup foo’ show the tables in priority order. [Greg Sabino Mullane]
  • Make ‘bucardo list all’ a little less verbose for some not-so-common items [Greg Sabino Mullane]
  • Fix up the “add relgroup” call to allow it to work for capitalized relations, and remove a prepare_cached error that could occur.[Greg Sabino Mullane]
  • Allow validate_sync to check the contents of functions for upgrade, not just their existence.[Greg Sabino Mullane]
  • Do not ‘RESET search_path’ inside some of the internal functions. [Greg Sabino Mullane]
  • Sleep longer between stop and start when doing ‘bucardo restart’ [Greg Sabino Mullane]

Bucardo version 5.3.1, released January 27, 2015

  • (git commit a4e59ea351410acd4fe750384a19393c261f7e91)
  • When clearing out the async mode, do not do so unless the state() is sane. This will solve some of the “pg_cancel failed” errors seen [Greg Sabino Mullane]
  • Throw a cleaner and earlier exception when connect_database fails [Greg Sabino Mullane]
  • Give a warning when a bucardo rc file has an unparseable line [Greg Sabino Mullane]

Bucardo version 5.3.0, released December 22, 2014

  • (git commit 07d884fea5ba113b5d314c318bcff2cced55b6bb)
  • Fix race condition when makedelta used which could cause some rows to be incorrectly entered into the track table [Greg Sabino Mullane]
  • Fix bug when makedelta used on tables with binary primary key columns [Greg Sabino Mullane]
  • Allow ‘makedelta’ to be specified at the database level [Greg Sabino Mullane]
  • Give customcodes access to the list of changed rows via the ‘rows’ key in the passed-in hashref [Greg Sabino Mullane]
  • Allow specification of non-default port when sending email. Attempt support for SASL auth. [Greg Sabino Mullane, per suggestion from Michael Wagner]
  • Better support for continuing once a database has crashed [Greg Sabino Mullane]
  • Allow removing all tables or sequences at once via command line, e.g. ‘bucardo remove all tables’ [Greg Sabino Mullane]
  • Allow –makedelta=foo to work on command line when adding all tables [Greg Sabino Mullane]
  • New test file t/50-star.t and much improvement to testing framework [Greg Sabino Mullane]
  • Added new logging level, DEBUG2, for things that are just too verbose even for DEBUG! [Greg Sabino Mullane]
  • When the VAC exits, disconnect from any databases cleanly we may still be connected to. [Greg Sabino Mullane]
  • Allow –dryrun to work when adding items, esp. tables [Greg Sabino Mullane]
  • Allow msg as alias for message e.g. ‘bucardo msg foobar’ [Greg Sabino Mullane]
  • When showing microseconds in the log, force the third and final zero to appear [Greg Sabino Mullane]

Bucardo version 5.2.0, released November 5, 2014

  • (git commit 003b827a73a6e2e51cc5e833a5b4bc21631bd216)
  • quickstart: new parameter to give on startup (e.g. “bucardo start –quickstart”).When set, skips checking the tables and columns on remote databases. [Greg Sabino Mullane]
  • Fix problem of not clearing out stagetable before using it. There was a chance that a previous KID left some rows in there, in which case duplicate entries will appear in bucardo_track. [Greg Sabino Mullane]
  • Make sure makedelta only adds matching track table rows if the current database is a source, not a target, for the current sync. [Greg Sabino Mullane]
  • Fix some errant global variables which were causing subtle bugs in the makedelta system. [Greg Sabino Mullane]

Bucardo version 5.1.2, released October 15, 2014

  • (git commit 6b8f02feaef5b116dfba9b57f6a0617d73ba3657)
  • Fix problem with async failures [Greg Sabino Mullane]
  • Fix add_customcols params parsing [David Christensen]
  • Improve MCP loop handling on errors [Greg Sabino Mullane]
  • Make sure makedelta can be set for all databases, not just source ones [Greg Sabino Mullane]
  • Fix minor bug in send_mail subroutine [Greg Sabino Mullane]
  • Remove Encode::Locale dependency [Joshua Tolley]
  • Allow ‘git list config*’ to work as an alias for git config. Make plain ‘git config’ act as ‘git show all’ [Greg Sabino Mullane]

Bucardo version 5.1.1, released July 23, 2014

  • (git commit c91753ef834cdcac311d66851947d1e4cb8acc7c)
  • Minor fixes to conflict handling. [GSM]
  • Fix upgrade to add updating of defaults. [GSM]

Bucardo version 5.1.0, released July 14, 2014

  • (git commit 7465d87ec60d29555fc2a38e70e08cc09e33a7db)
  • Many fixes and features added to the conflict resolution system. [GSM]
  • Fix the upgrade so new constraints are handled better. [GSM]

Bucardo version 5.0.0, released June 23, 2014

  (git commit 2349582733df31a4115b952bfcc2f5732d5af16a)

  - Complete rework of Bucardo: we now allow as many source and target
    databases as wanted in a single sync. [GSM]

  - Allow alternate targets: Drizzle, MariaDB, MongoDB, MySQL, Oracle, Redis,
    SQLite, as well as "flat files" [GSM]

  - Rename "bucardo_ctl" to simply "bucardo" [Jon Jensen, GSM]

  - Rename "goat" to "relation" or, more commonly, "table" and "sequence".
    [David Wheeler]

  - Rename "standard_conflict" option to "conflict_strategy".

  - Rename "herd" to "relgroup". [David Wheeler]

  - Change the way that swap syncs work: should be much faster [GSM]

  - Use asynchronous queries when possible [GSM]

  - Redo the makedelta system, and add makedelta option for relations, which
    inherit from db. Add makedelta as on/off for db. [GSM]

  - Overhaul of sequence handling: now allows for all attributes to be replicated,

  - Fix for failing swap syncs when column is not all lowercase. [GSM]

  - Fix for proper sourcelimit and targetlimit calculations. [GSM]

  - Add script [Josh Tolley]

  - Add example scripts in 'bucardo_examples' directory [Selena Deckelmann]

  - Allow 'list sync' to filter by 'active' and 'inactive' [GSM]

  - Remove unused config variable 'upsert_attempts' [GSM]

  - Show detailed information on KID error exit. [GSM]

  - Fix bug in bucardo_purge_q_table in index detection logic. [Aolmezov]

  - Show the reason why a sync failed on a failed bucardo kick. [GSM]

  - Add new subprocess (VAC) to run bucardo_purge_delta. [GSM]

  - Fix errors with bytea and swap syncs. [GSM]

  - Do not replicate null values to MongoDB [Ali Asad Lotia]

  - Add 'default_conflict_strategy' option, per idea from Franz Dürr. [GSM]

  - Force time zone to UTC to resolve timestamptz issues with bucardo_delta
    [GSM, Michelle Sullivan]

  - Add a log_level parameter, and classify all messages inside
    with a log_level of TERSE, NORMAL, VERBOSE, or DEBUG. [Rosser Schwarz and GSM]

  - Relax SELECT version() regex in bucardo, to let modified versions
    of Postgres tell us their version. [GSM]

  - Fix incorrect automatic population of database when using
    'bucardo add database' and only one database exists. [GSM]

  - Fix failing makedelta when using multi-column primary keys.
    [GSM, reported by Michelle Sullivan]

  - Add new vacuum_after_copy variable for goats and syncs. [GSM]

  - Do not perform a checktime kick if onetimecopy mode is on. [GSM]

  - New syncs of type fullcopy now default to false for ping, stayalive,
    and kidsalive. [GSM, idea from Andrew Spencer]

  - Refuse to start if the bucardo database version does not match that of
    bucardo (the former is set by 'bucardo upgrade') [GSM]

  - Set the search_path to prevent bogus warnings on startup about sequence
    mismatches based on schema names. [GSM] (Bug #17)

  - Add a --force option so we can remove databases via 'bucardo remove db'
    along with all related goats and syncs. [GSM]

  - Change bucardo.dbrun table column pgpid to INTEGER [Wim Lewis]

  - Remove race condition from bucardo_purge_q_table() [GSM]

  - Add new options for 'bucardo add db': addalltables and addallsequences [GSM]

  - Allows syncs to be paused and resumed while they are running. [GSM]

  - Allow 'bucardo status' to run even if piddir is not available. [GSM]

  - Don't bother comparing the 'log_cnt' field of sequences. [Rosser Schwarz]

  - Allow "schema.table" format for 'bucardo list tables' [GSM]

  - Add new option "log_microsecond" to show sub-second output in logs. [GSM]

  - Make sure we update bucardo_config.bucardo_current_version when doing
    a 'bucardo upgrade' [GSM] (Bug #5)

  - Automatically create the bucardo (superuser) if we can connect as 'postgres'. [GSM]

  - Add 'bucardo list all' feature [Christian Recktenwald]

  - Allow removal of tables from relgroups via bucardo. [GSM]

  - Add create_child_q_table() function. [GSM]

  - Allow 'bucardo update relgroup foo remove <table(s)>'
    and 'bucardo update relgroup foo add <table(s)>' [GSM]

  - Rename the default reason_file to bucardo.restart.reason.txt. The reason
    log is then named bucardo.restart.reason.log (instead of
    bucardo.restart.reason.log.log as before). [David Wheeler]

  - Better formatting of bucardo.reason.txt.log, and log startup failures. [GSM]

  - Log the current configuration settings on startup. [GSM]

  - Fix incorrect assignment of ppid in the bucardo.q table. [GSM]

  - Remove unused 'kick_sleep' config variable. [GSM]

  - Show the database name when listing relgroups via bucardo. [GSM]

  - Show the database name when listing sequences via bucardo. [Douglas Tan]

  - Show each target's Postgres version, time, and timezone on first connect. [GSM]

  - Change main trigger names to 'bucardo_delta' and 'bucardo_kick' [GSM]

  - Allow databases to have the same dsn, as we are moving towards in-database
    replication. [GSM]

  - Add complete documentation of all public commands, actions, parameters,
    and options to the bucardo Pod (and therefore the man page, as well).
    [David Wheeler]

  - Use the Pod docs to show the output of 'help command' and 'help command action'
    instead of duplicating that information in code. [David Wheeler]

  - Fixed PostgreSQL 9.2 compatibility issues. [David Wheeler]

  - Fix syntax issues to restore support for PostgreSQL 8.1 [GSM]

  - Fix "arguments of row IN must all be row expressions" error [GSM]

  - Fix empty primary key join/split bug [GSM]

  - Add Linux int script and RPM spec file [Devrim GÜNDÜZ and David Wheeler]

  - Add --exit-on-nosync option. Bucardo no longer exits from 'start' when
    there are no syncs. Use this option to restore that behavior. [David

  - Switch to pg_ctl in tests for more reliable (and faster!) Postgres
    startup and shutdown. [David Wheeler]

  - Fix incorrect shutdown when Postgres is not running. The pid file is now
    properly cleaned up on shutdown even if Postgres is down. [David Wheeler]

  - Tests now properly report the reasons for failed bucardo commands. [David

  - Revamp retry on serialization failure so that it actually works. The KID
    no longer sleeps and exits, but sleeps and retries the sync on its own,
    only sending a NOTICE to other processes that it is doing so. [GSM and
    David Wheeler]

  - Change the default serialization failure sleep time from 10s to 0.5s.

  - Added new 'bucardo reopen' command to reopen all open file handles
    Useful for log rotation.
    [Greg Sabino Mullane].

  - The 'update' command no longer exits with an error code on success.

  - Fixed issue with missing database handles when a KID shuts down. [David

  - Remove the customselect parameter. Use the customcols command, instead.
    [David Wheeler]

  - Remove the do_listen parameter, which was just another name for ping.

  - Rename the 'ping' parameter to 'autokick', to better describe what it does
    and to prevent confusion with the 'ping' command, which does something
    totally different. [David Wheeler]

  - Rename standard_conflict to conflict_strategy. [David Wheeler]

  - Move conflict_strategy from add/update table to add/update sync. [David Wheeler]

  - Fix issue that prevented the VAC process from shutting down immediately on
    'stop'. [David Wheeler]

  - Fix failure to restart after database disconnections.

  - Add 'remove sequence' [David Wheeler]

  - Rename most --debug* options to --log-*:
      + --debugdir is now --log-destination
      + --debugfile is deprecated; use '--log-destination none' to disable all logging
      + --debugsyslog is deprecated; use --log-destination syslog'
      + Allow logging to stderr or stdout via --log-destination
      + --log-destination may be specified multiple times for multiple logs
      + --debugfilesep is now --log-separate
      + --debugname is now --log-extension
      + --cleandebugs is now --log-clean
    [David Wheeler]

  - Eliminated 'Use of "goto" to jump into a construct has been deprecated'
    warnings on Perl 5.12 and higher.

  - Removed the 'trigrules' attribute for customcodes. Callers should
    (carefully!) change session_replication_role themselves. [GSM]

Bucardo version 4.4.8, released November 30, 2011

  • Fix incorrect checking of hostname for host_safety_check [GSM]
  • Fix wrong version number in the bucardo_ctl script.

Bucardo version 4.4.7, released November 8, 2011

  • Fix bug when using multi-column primary keys where the first is an int, and the second is not. Reported by Brady S Edwards [GSM]
  • Do not rely on $@ to catch important evals [GSM]

Bucardo version 4.4.6, released July 10, 2011

  • Fix bug resulting in wrong escapes in swap syncs for int4 primary keys. Reported by Kiriakos Tsourapas. [GSM]

Bucardo version 4.4.5, released June 18, 2011

  • Set SECURITY DEFINER on triggerkick functions. [GSM]

Bucardo version 4.4.4, released May 14, 2011

  • Make sure we escape backslashes when building the DELETE queries for pushdelta syncs [GSM]. Reported by Gabriel Weinberg.
  • Report correct number of inserts/deletions in bucardo_ctl status [GSM]. Reported by Gabriel Weinberg.

Bucardo version 4.4.3, released April 15, 2011

  • Fix rare race condition when slave database dies. [GSM] Thanks to Kaveh Mousavi Zamani for the report.

Bucardo version 4.4.2, released March 17, 2011

  • Fix incorrect SET TIME ZONE inside the bucardo_delta functions. [GSM]

Bucardo version 4.4.1, released November 9, 2010

  • Set the search_path to prevent bogus warnings on startup about sequence mismatches based on schema names. [GSM] (Bug #17)
  • Fix failing makedelta when using multi-column primary keys. [GSM, reported by Michelle Sullivan]
  • Fix for failing swap syncs when column is not all lowercase. [GSM]
  • Fix errors with bytea and swap syncs. [GSM]
  • Use clock_timestamp if Postgres version is 8.2 or better. (Bug #25) Thanks to David Christensen for digging in and solving this.
  • Fix error in bind_param for target to source. [GSM]
  • Make sure we truly reset onetimecopy for persistent controllers and children. [GSM]
  • If in onetimecopy mode, always create a q entry, regardless of synctype. [GSM]
  • Rename the ENCODE call for bytea selects. [GSM]
  • Always make the source transaction serializable. [GSM]
  • Force time zone to GMT to resolve timestamptz issues with bucardo_delta [GSM, Michelle Sullivan]
  • Allow ‘2’ as a valid sqlstate after exception thrown. [GSM]
  • Fix typo with ‘lowest/highest’ standard conflict methods. Caught by Don Drake.
  • Remove race condition from bucardo_purge_q_table() [GSM]
  • Make search_path declaration LOCAL in bucardo_audit() [GSM]
  • Fix bug in bucardo_purge_q_table in index detection logic. [Aolmezov]
  • Don’t bother comparing the ‘log_cnt’ field of sequences. [Rosser Schwarz]
  • Do not perform a checktime kick if onetimecopy mode is on. [GSM]
  • Add quote() methods to safe list for DBIx::Safe call [GSM]
  • Add -vv option to bucardo_ctl as a shortcut for –verbose –verbose [GSM]
  • Don’t allow kicking of inactive syncs. [GSM]
  • Relax SELECT version() regex in bucardo_ctl, to let modified versions of Postgres tell us their version. [GSM]
  • Change DESTDIR to INSTALL_BASE in the makefile [GSM]
  • No need to look at anything but ONLY master_q for populate_child_q function. [GSM]
  • Automatically create the bucardo (superuser) if we can connect as ‘postgres’. [GSM]
  • Allow ‘bucardo_ctl status’ to run even if piddir is not available. [GSM]
  • Allow “schema.table” format for bucardo_ctl list tables [GSM]
  • Show the database name when listing herds via bucardo_ctl. [GSM]
  • Show the database name when listing sequences via bucardo_ctl. [Douglas Tan]
  • Make sure we update bucardo_config.bucardo_current_version when doing a bucardo_ctl upgrade [GSM] (Bug #5)
  • Add additional clause to the the q_cleanup index. [GSM]
  • Remove unused config variable ‘upsert_attempts’ [GSM]
  • Remove unused ‘kick_sleep’ config variable. [GSM]
  • Show additional version information on startup for debugging [GSM]

Bucardo version 4.4.0, released October 14, 2009

  • Allow validate_goat() to work correctly against pgbouncer databases by respecting the server_side_prepares parameter. [GSM]
  • Loosen restrictions on customcode - now the derived columns must match the target, but the target and source tables can be completely different. [GSM]
  • Add the bucardo_audit() function that runs on all master databases, ensures that everything related to the bucardo_* control tables is correct. [Josh Tolley and GSM]
  • Fix bucardo_ctl add sync … tables=x - now adds the sync on first pass, even if the tables have not been added. [GSM]
  • Adding customcode via bucardo_ctl can now specify sync, goat, priority, and active columns. [GSM]
  • When viewing customcode via ‘bucardo_ctl list code foo’, the src_code column is shown last. [GSM]
  • Add some small sleeps before checking for stale pid files, to allow their owners a chance to clean them up first. [GSM]
  • Give a warning when kicking an inactive sync. [GSM]
  • Remove ‘text’ casting which prevented ‘bucardo_ctl inspect’ from working on older versions of Postgres. [GSM]
  • Allow testing of multiple versions of Postgres at the same time by setting the environment variables PGBINDIR[A-Z]. [GSM]

Bucardo version 4.3.0, released October 8, 2009

  • Allow MCP and CTL to kill based on piddir, not just audit_pid. This will prevent duplicate kids from existing if audit_pid is switched off. [GSM]
  • Fix error in lowest/highest conflict handling. [Mathieu Arnold]
  • Add new column to customcode: trigrules. Defaults to false: if true, we turn on triggers and rules for the duration of the custom code. [GSM]
  • Add a new configuration value ‘host_safety_check’, to help prevent Bucardo from being copied from one host to another and then run without modifying at least bucardo.db.dbhost first. [GSM]
  • For custom code exception handlers, make the ‘dbi_error’ hash key return a flattened string of the actual exception thrown. [GSM]
  • Ensure exiting processes always remove their pidfile. [GSM]
  • Have the MCP clean up old pid files from the piddir on startup. [GSM]
  • Remove the ‘pidfile’ configuration option: now hard-coded to ‘’ [GSM]
  • Make the pid file names more consistent, add new ones for kid processes. [GSM]
  • Refactor the killing of pids, make safer by checking they are bucardo-like [GSM]
  • Remove the PIDCLEANUP option from [GSM]
  • Better upgrading of very old versions of Bucardo. [GSM]
  • Allow add, remove, and list customcode through bucardo_ctl [GSM]
  • Allow bucardo_ctl upgrade to remove configuration settings. [GSM]

Bucardo version 4.2.2, released October 2, 2009

  • Fix so that warning_file works properly again. [GSM]

Bucardo version 4.2.1, released October 1, 2009

  • Improve ability of ‘bucardo_ctl upgrade’ to work against older versions of Bucardo [GSM]
  • Changed the chunking threshold for pushdelta to 100,000 and 10,000 [GSM]
  • Make bucardo_ctl list table sequence follow same wildcard rules as other list nouns. [GSM]
  • Remove the old ‘alter’ verb from bucardo_ctl: use ‘update’ instead [GSM]
  • Fix a SQL error in ‘bucardo_ctl status \[GSM\]
  • Remove the unused t/ file [GSM]

Bucardo version 4.2.0, released September 30, 2009

  • Add the “delta_bypass” feature, which allows a pushdelta sync to switch to ‘fullcopy’ mode on the fly, depending on the number of rows that have changed. [GSM]
  • Fixed an error preventing customselect from working in certain situations. [GSM]
  • Have ‘bucardo_ctl install’ check for successful plperlu installaion [GSM]
  • Clean up and standardize all the bucardo_ctl list/add/remove actions. [GSM]

Bucardo version 4.1.2, released September 25, 2009

  • Fix sequence replication by setting is_called properly on the targets [GSM, thanks to Selena Deckelmann for discovering this]
  • Respect server_side_prepares db setting in validate_sync. Previously, this function would fail if validating more than one table at a time and the database was set as server_side_prepares off [GSM]
  • Make sure we cast rowid* to text within the bucardo_add_delta-called functions, for picky versions of Postgres. [GSM]

Bucardo version 4.1.1, released September 24, 2009

  • Fix case where Bucardo was too eager to lock tables post serialization failures. Since we can’t really do this automatically and safely, remove the code in question for now. [GSM, hat tip to Selena Deckelmann]

Bucardo version 4.1.0, released September 24, 2009

  • Fix problem with possible function name collision when the names of the combined columns in the primary key is greater than NAMEDATALEN, which we’ll assume is 63. [GSM]
  • Add “bucardo_ctl inspect table” to show all dependencies, as well as cross referencing against herds the table is in [GSM]
  • Fix an error when validate_sync tries to recreate an existing trigger; occurred when a fullcopy sync was set to ping=true [GSM]
  • When using “bucardo_ctl add all tables db=", make sure we only look for the already added tables for that specific database. \[Selena Deckelmann and Josh Tolley\]
  • Add new boolean column to the “db” table named “server_side_prepares”, which is true by default. If off, Bucardo will not use server-side prepared statements, and thus can be used in PgBouncer’s transaction mode. [GSM, idea by Andrew Spencer]
  • During pushdelta, break large number of rows for a single table until multiple DELETE and COPY calls, to help debugging, to allow for a progress indicator both at the Bucardo and Postgres levels, and to prevent crashes seen on older versions of Postgres when very large IN() lists are used. [GSM]
  • When using “bucardo_ctl add all tables”, ignore any tables inside schemas starting with ‘bucardo’ [GSM]
  • Allow –verbose flag for list syncs to show linked tables [GSM]
  • Allow –verbose flag for list tables to show linked herds and syncs [GSM]
  • Change rebuild_index to a smallint: a 1 only runs it with a fullcopy. If you really want to use it otherwise, set it to 2 [GSM]
  • Allow the dbhost to be turned off (local socket only) in the db table when using “bucardo_ctl update db host=non. \[GSM\]

Version 4.0.3, released September 16, 2009

  • Fix some minor problems with bucardo_ctl and “add sync” [GSM]
  • Allow ping to be specified for new tables added via “add sync” [GSM]

Version 4.0.2, released September 16, 2009

  • Add the name of the database to the install choices, as some systems have mismatched names (BSD’s ‘pgsql’ user) [Vilem Kebrt]
  • Clear out stale q entries on startup, created when a kid was hit with a kill -9. This was causing Bucardo to think the q slot was still active. [GSM]
  • Fix cases where we were not quoting the UNLISTEN names [GSM]
  • Remove duplicate PID numbers from log [GSM]
  • Prohibit syncs from having names reserved for synctypes. [GSM]
  • Add new delete method of “truncate_cascade” for syncs [GSM]
  • Allow “foo*”, “*foo”, and “*foo*” wildcard format in bucardo_ctl when specifying syncs, e.g. bucardo_ctl kick ABC* [GSM]
  • Allow special cases for bucardo_ctl kick: “all [synctype] [active]” [GSM]
  • Allow filtering of ‘bucardo_ctl list syncs’ by synctype [GSM]
  • Allow ‘bucardo_ctl add sync tables=…’ to work with schema.table format [GSM]
  • Add –verbose option to ‘bucardo_ctl list syncs’ to show tables [GSM]
  • Allow name changes for syncs, herds, dbs, dbgroups [GSM]
  • Automatically add missing tables when doing “bucardo_ctl add sync source=dbname … tables=x,y,z” [GSM]
  • Allow multiple items to be changed at one time with ‘bucardo_ctl update item’ [GSM]
  • Change validate_sync notice to LOG [GSM]

Version 4.0.1, released September 8, 2009

  • Fix to allow “add all tables db=foo” to work as expected.
  • Set audit_pid to be off by default.
  • Fix broken WHERE clause inside bucardo_ctl for “add table”

Version 4.0.0, released September 7, 2009

New features:

  • Add support for multi-column primary keys. Thanks to [GSM]
  • Add new ‘onetimecopy’ attribute to sync table, to allow recreation on demand of pushdelta tables on slaves via COPY. [GSM]
  • Support for replication after TRUNCATE. This will only work on Postgres version 8.4 and higher, and only pushdelta syncs. [GSM]
  • Add log_conflict_details to allow logging of conflict information to a separate file. [Adam Wendt]
  • Add ‘maxkicks’ and ‘lifetime’ to syncs to force restart of controller and kids after a certain number of kicks or time. [Josh Tolley] Thanks to
  • Add the bucardo_custom_trigger table, which allows tight control of exactly what items in a table will be replicated. [Ben Allen]
  • Add the bucardo_rate table to track exactly how long replication takes on a per-sync and per-table basis. [GSM]
  • Add more bucardo_ctl actions: install, reload, validate, restart, update [GSM]
  • Allow adding of all tables in a database at once via bucardo_ctl [GSM]
  • Add in bucardo_compress_delta function, to remove duplicate rows from the bucardo_delta table. [GSM]
  • Allow the injection of custom messages into the Bucardo logs, and make an interface for same in bucardo_ctl. [GSM]
  • Add the “warning_file” config parameter to log all ‘Warning’ messages. [GSM]
  • Add validate_all_syncs() function, and allow an argument to both that and validate_sync() to force recreation of supporting objects. [GSM]


  • Remove ‘Moose’ dependency. [GSM]
  • Remove disable_triggers and disable_rules from the sync table. We simply choose pg_class or replica based on the version of the database in question. [GSM]
  • Rewrite the pushdelta sync method to be more efficient and safer. [GSM]
  • Change from Mail::Sendmail to Net::SMTP [Ben Allen]
  • Allow wildcards in the ‘bucardo_ctl kick’ [Josh Tolley]
  • Improve the FreeBSD scripts/bucardo_ctl.rc file [Ben Allen]
  • Add “sendmail” option to the customcode input. [Ben Allen]
  • Add ‘bucardo_ctl upgrade’ to make intra-version upgrades easy and automatic. [Selena Deckelmann and GSM]
  • Add more tests and improve existing ones. [Josh Tolley]
  • Force READ WRITE mode so Bucardo works on read only databases. [GSM]
  • Make the audit_pid table more useful. Use sequences instead of PIDs to find children. Allow for the audit_pid table to be toggled off. [GSM]
  • Remove the debugstderr and debugstdout options, as they never worked correctly anyway. [GSM]
  • When truncating during fullcopy, fallback to delete if it fails. [GSM]
  • On startup, all syncs that may have trigger-based notifies are initially kicked. [GSM]
  • MCP listens for pings during table validations. [GSM]
  • Have master_q use a trigger, not multiple rules. Remove the need for a separate create_child_q() function. [GSM]
  • Default for log_showtime is now ‘scalar localtime’ rather than epoch seconds. [GSM]
  • No longer require a reason for the “stop” action. [GSM]
  • Add INSTALL_BUCARDODIR for quick and dirty ‘make install’ [GSM]

Bug fixes:

  • Fix failure to disable/enable triggers when using pg_class and table and schema are words changed by quote_ident. [Ben Allen]
  • Tolerate incompatibility in DEFAULT of negative numbers between Postgres 8.2 and 8.3. [Jon Jensen]
  • Do better checking of bucardo_ctl executable when MCP is restarting. [Ben Allen]
  • Change timestamp to timestamptz where needed inside [Yan Farmawan]
  • Put schema in db_getconn calls [Alex Bahlai]
  • Record the proper PID for the MCP in the pid file [Goran Gugic]
  • Set the tcp_* defaults in bucardo_config to zero (system default). [GSM]
  • Allow for dead columns when checking attnums. [GSM]
  • Do not attempt respawn of MCP if mcp_dbproblem_sleep is 0. [GSM]

Version 3.1.0, released April 6, 2008

  • Fix race condition in bucardo_delta/bucardo_track updates for pushdelta syncs. [GSM]
  • Auto-detect primary keys (or unique indexes) for added tables. [GSM]
  • Add to facilitate version changes. [GSM]
  • Use correct quoted/non-quoted versions of primary keys to allow primary keys with spaces, etc. [GSM]
  • Add new options to log_showtime to show non-epoch time strings [GSM]
  • Make bucardo_ctl use the global version number, not its own. [GSM]
  • Support bytea in primary key and regular columns. [GSM]

Version 3.0.9, released March 26, 2008

  • Fix problem causing killed controller to not re-do interrupted syncs on restart. [GSM]

Version 3.0.8, released February 5, 2008

  • Fix error in ‘latest’ conflict code. [Adam Wendt].
  • Filter out inactive target dbs from bucardo-report script. [Spencer Christensen]
  • Fix race condition in bucardo_delta/bucardo_track updates for pushdelta syncs. [GSM]
  • Fix a sorting problem in the bucardo-report script. [Jon Jensen]
  • Fix problem with after_sync code not firing at correct time for staylive kids. [GSM]

Version 3.0.7, released October 11, 2007

  • Allow bucardo_ctl options to be specified in a .bucardorc file. [GSM]
  • Add new index to bucardo_delta for faster purging. [GSM]
  • Add a BSD-style rc file in the scripts directory. [Ben Allen]
  • Activate the “latest” standard_conflict method. [GSM]
  • Fix error for tables with primary key and no other columns in pushdelta/swap syncs, per report from Ben Allen. [GSM]
  • Change pid and ppid columns in table “q” from smallint to integer. [Ben Allen]
  • Ensure sourcedbh used by customcode has inactivedestroy set. [GSM]
  • Find system grep rather than hard-coding the path [Jeff Boes]
  • Fix for tests: make third database have a default password. [GSM]
  • Add ping method to CTL and KID processes. [GSM]

Version 3.0.6, first public release, on September 1, 2007