Last updated: 2020-02-28

The update dbgroup command is used to change an existing Bucardo database group.


bucardo update dbgroup foobar s1 s2 s3:source

Updates the database group foobar, setting it to contain the servers s1, s3, and s3. Both s1 and s3 will be source databases, and s2 will be a target.

This command should be used to add a new database to an existing sync. If the bucardo schema is still not created on the new db the sync needs then to be validated.


bucardo add db s3...
bucardo update dbgroup <dbgroupname> s1 s2 s3:source
bucardo validate sync <syncname>


bucardo update dbgroup name [servers] [name=newname]

Use the name= form to change the name of an existing database group. Otherwise, provide a list of all servers in this group, and the existing servers will be overwritten.


Changes will update the dbmap table.

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