.pgpass files

Bucardo can read .pgpass files to obtain database connection passwords if ‘trust’ authentication is not in use.

The .pgpass file to read for a given database is specified by the pgpass field in bucardo’s db table. The field should contain the full path and filename of the .pgpass files to read. The value can be entered either by editing the db table or using the bucardo_ctl command line tool to specify a pgpass= option when adding a database.

File format



  • The .pgpass file must be readable by the owner of the postmaster (postgres server) processs
  • Wildcards within the .pgpass file are not processed by bucardo, although they are by postgres. You must exactly match the hostname, port, database and username you specified when creating your database in bucardo for the password lookup to succeed.
  • The postmaster process is not allowed to read .pgpass files with plpgsql by selinux. A symptom of this is permission denied message in syslog. Disabling SELinux or setting it to permissive mode will allow reading these files to succeed.