This is an example of what an email from the Tail_n_mail script might look like.

Date: Fri Mar 19 09:52:30 2010
Unique items: 4
Total matches: 134
Matches from [A]  /var/log/apps/2010/hyperion/03/19/05/pgsql-warn.log: 60
Matches from [B]  /var/log/apps/2010/hyperion/03/19/06/pgsql-warn.log: 8
Matches from [C]  /var/log/apps/2010/hyperion/03/19/07/pgsql-warn.log: 16
Matches from [D]  /var/log/apps/2010/hyperion/03/19/08/pgsql-warn.log: 31
Matches from [E]  /var/log/apps/2010/hyperion/03/19/09/pgsql-warn.log: 19

[1] From files B to E Count: 102
First: [B] 2010-03-19T06:18:58-06:00 hyperion postgres[27317]
Last:  [E] 2010-03-19T09:22:50-06:00 hyperion postgres[12493]
ERROR: syntax error at end of input at character 47 STATEMENT: select count(*) from sometable where = 34

[2] From files A to E Count: 30
First: [A] 2010-03-19T05:10:01-06:00 hyperion postgres[9917]
Last:  [E] 2010-03-19T09:50:01-06:00 hyperion postgres[30464]
ERROR: insert or update on table "reindeer" violates foreign key constraint "reindeer_ref_antlers"
DETAIL: Key (antlers)=(green) is not present in table "antlers". STATEMENT: INSERT INTO reindeer
(age, gender, antler, notes) VALUES ($1,$2,$3,$4)

[3] From file B
2010-03-19T06:10:50-06:00 hyperion postgres[12868]: [31-1] ERROR: invalid input syntax for type
timestamp: " 00:00:00" STATEMENT: SELECT DISTINCT color FROM antler WHERE creation_date
BETWEEN ' 00:00:00' AND ' 23:59:59'

[4] From file D
2010-03-19T06:10:50-06:00 hyperion postgres[12868]: [33-1] FATAL:  role "nosuchuser" does not exist