Last updated: 2023-04-03


check_postgres is a script for monitoring various attributes of your database. It is designed to work with Nagios, MRTG, or in standalone scripts.


Once installed, you should be able to view the documentation locally by running:

man check_postgres

The documentation is also available in HTML format:


The latest version, 2.26.0, can be downloaded here:

Bugs and Feature Requests

Bugs should be reported at our github page. Feature requests are welcome there as well, or send us an email.

Mailing Lists

Two mailing lists are available. For discussions about the program, bug reports, and feature requests, send email to

A low-volume list for announcement of new versions and important notices is the ‘check_postgres-announce’ list:


Everyone is encouraged to look over and make improvements to the code. The latest development version can be obtained from GitHub by running:

git clone

GPG keys

This project uses GPG signatures for each release. It will be signed by one of the following keys:

  • Christoph Berg
    • Key ID: 4096R/12D2A7AE 2009-11-28
    • Fingerprint: 5C48 FE61 57F4 9179 5970 87C6 4C5A 6BAB 12D2 A7AE
  • David Christensen
    • Key ID: 4096R/DF9B65B8 2012-05-24
    • Fingerprint: 08A0 3597 8604 7C5E 1E2B 8FDE 374A 23C9 DF9B 65B8
  • Greg Sabino Mullane
    • Key ID: 1024D/14964AC8 1999-03-01
    • Fingerprint: 2529 DF6A B8F7 9407 E944 45B4 BC9B 9067 1496 4AC8 is hosted and supported by End Point Dev

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