DBIx::Safe is a Perl module that attempts to create safer versions of DBI database handles for your applications, but limiting what methods can be performed, and what those methods are allowed to do.

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Currently, DBIx::Safe only works with Postgres (via DBD::Pg).

It is used by the Bucardo replication system.

Mailing List

A mailing list is available for any discussions regarding DBIx::Safe. View the mailing list page for further information about how to post or join.


Bug reports and feature requests are always welcome. View the bugs page to search the current list or make a new entry.


The latest version of DBIx::Safe is 1.2.5. It should be available via CPAN, or you may download it here:


The latest development version is available using git:

git-clone http://bucardo.org/dbixsafe.git/