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Greg Sabino Mullane greg at endpoint.com
Mon Nov 19 18:10:55 UTC 2007

On Mon, 2007-11-19 at 16:19 +0000, Richard Smith wrote:
> We have a need for asynchronous multiple master replication on both
> Linux (servers) and Windows (laptops).  The laptops would only be
> connected to the network via VPN at non-set times.  We were looking at
> using MySQL, but so far we haven't found any way to do what we need
> with mysql.  Will bucardo allow us to give laptops write-access to a
> local database, and then when connected via VPN or LAN, update, and be
> updated by, a central database?

It's quite possible in theory, but there are a lot of things to check
on: Bucardo has not been tested on Windows yet, but it may make more
sense anyway to have Bucardo live on the Linux side and simply have the
Windows boxes kick off the sync when they connect. The tables involved
must all have a primary key. It must be a relatively recent version of
Postgres, and there are some Perl modules required on the server side,
but nothing too exotic. Let me know if you have further questions,
sounds like an interesting project.

Greg Sabino Mullane greg at endpoint.com
End Point Corporation 610-983-9073

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