[Bucardo-general] Conflict Handling: Newest Data Always Wins

Spencer Christensen email at spencerchristensen.com
Wed Oct 10 05:34:29 UTC 2007

Greg Sabino Mullane wrote:
> Sorry, Spencer, but that column is no longer there. The good news is
> that there is already a fairly recent (but hidden) standard_conflict
> method called 'latest' that does something similar. I'll commit an
> update to make it  visible in the docs and legal in the schema. The
> relevant code is at line 4135 of Bucardo.pm and it basically grabs the
> times like this:
> SELECT extract(epoch FROM max(txntime))
> FROM bucardo.bucardo_delta
> WHERE tablename=?
> AND rowid=?
Good to know.  Thanks for the update.

-spencer christensen

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