[Bucardo-general] Issues regarding architecture and platform support

Debnath debnathm at aptsourceindia.net
Tue Aug 5 10:23:29 UTC 2008

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I am trying to understand the architecture and platform support of Bucardo.
I would like to know if I can set up Bucardo for replication between Postgres servers
running on Windows. Is it true that the Bucardo software itself will only run on Linux ?
If I set up a Bucardo db on a Linux machine and the Bucardo software on the Linux machine, 
can it replicate between two Postgres servers running on Windows ?
Another architectural issue is what happens when one of the servers goes down ( I am 
considering master-to-master replication). When the server is up again, will Bucardo 
synch up the tables in the database that was down.

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