[Bucardo-general] Bucardo in HA environment

Stojan Rancic stojan.rancic at iprom.si
Wed Feb 13 21:17:21 UTC 2008


I'm deploying bucardo on a two-server, master-master setup scenario,
with Postgresql 8.1 (Debian Etch).

The test deployment went by fine, but I have a few questions:

As which user should the Bucardo processes be running, should this be
root or can it be any unpriviledged user, with proper privileges in
the Postgresql?

As far as I see, I only need to be running bucardo_ctl one of the
servers ? What happens if that server goes down, and then comes back
up, after a while, will the data be automaticaly synchronised (upon
starting bucardo_ctl) from the working server to the failed one ?

What happens if, for some reason, bucardo_ctl dies, and I need to
restart it by hand/by script, will the data be synched between the two
servers ?

As for the conflict handling, if I specify 'source' as a resolution
method, which table is actually considered source:
 a) The one on the server where bucardo_ctl is running
 b) The one which was updated and needs syncing to the other (may be
    on box A or box B)

.. if a, then why is 'latest' not recommended as it sounds the logical
way to go?
Any other tips on a fully-redundant HA scenario appreciated :)

Greetz, Stojan

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