[Bucardo-general] Multi master-master replication

Matic Meznar matrix at alpha-force.net
Thu Feb 14 01:55:55 UTC 2008


I am currently doing a research for my web application project. I am looking for the most suitable database server software.

My project has a special need, it needs a peer-to-peer (multi master-master) replication between the database servers involved in providing the data storage for my application. This web application is spread among several servers, each at a different location, all over the world. It is essential that data is replicated between them within 5 seconds and that each node supports read and write operations (act on its own).

While reading the documentation for Bucardo, I have found out that it only supports 2 nodes.

When (3 months, 6 months, a year?) is multi master-master replication going to be supported?
Are there any alternatives to Bucardo that would provide this kind of replication?

Oracle and MSSQL have what I need, but they are either too complex and resource intensive or require Windows to run (which is not an option). MySQL does not support multi master-master replication (circular replication is a joke).

Thank you,
Matic Meznar

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