[Bucardo-general] Serial Primary Key

Rodrigo Gonzalez rjgonzale at gmail.com
Mon May 5 16:16:25 UTC 2008

Aaron Sutula escribió:
> I am considering implementing Burcardo. I see in the documentation 
> that goat.pkeytype "must be one of: 
> 'smallint','int','bigint','text','timestamp','date'." All of my tables 
> use serial serial or bigserial for the primary key column. Is that a 
> problem or will specifying 'int' or 'bigint' in goat.pkeytype suffice?
> Thank you,
> Aaron
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pkeytype is a field you dont have to fill, when bucardo run will put 
there the right value, and yes, will select int or bigint.

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