[Bucardo-general] how to re-sync databases?

Richard Martin richard.martin at tascomi.com
Mon Nov 3 13:13:44 UTC 2008

Hi Greg and list....

I've been playing with Bucardo for a while and it's almost ready to go  
for me now - I just have a few more setup questions.... sorry if this  
is a bit rambling!

I have a multi-master setup working across a WAN - replication works  
well for a SWAP and I'm using PostgreSQL 8.1.3 on Bucardo 3.0.9.

One transaction table is quite large - 1 million rows - which is  
causing the problem.

The main database is now is use so I can only replicate at night but  
the 1 million row table causes a lock up and takes well over 24 hours  
since it's a SWAP using "latest" as the conflict resolution.  I have  
have a couple of questions/thoughts:

1) I think it would be better to use a full copy sync as you mentioned  
in a previous post, I can set up one, but how do I get it to run only  
the once?
	After it was complete it got kicked off again.  What I'd like is a  
pointer on how to run a full copy sync then once that's finished it  
will run a SWAP.

2)  One other question is (I'm no expert on PostgreSQL) but I've been  
playing with the setup and the triggers have been firing all day every  
day on the live database as the database is now used and is LIVE - I  
now have lots and lots of deltas, which I don't really need.  I think  
I need to "clean" them out, do a full copy sync then start a SWAP  
process to run indefinitely - once I get that then the two machines  
will be fully synced.  The secondary machine is really just a hot  

Can anyone give me fairly clear direction on how to achieve this -  
once I get this working I promise to document the whole process - my  
sake if for no one else!

Bucardo rocks - or will once I get this sorted ;)


Richard Martin
Tascomi Ltd.
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