[Bucardo-general] replicating "transactions" "consistently"

Márton Nagy publicwaste at gmail.com
Fri Nov 21 08:04:13 UTC 2008

Hi again

My question follows apply to bucardo internals, how bucardo works.
Lets have 2 dbs what get synchronized with bucardo. Lets define 3 tables on
master and slave. Lets define an sql transaction on master, what when it
commits, causes changes in all of that 3 tables. Lets define a select query
on slave db, with outcome data from all the 3 tables.
Can i configure so bucardo, that i cant have inconsistent selects on slave
Other: It is possible to have bucardo replicate changes from multiple tables
in one transaction? (on slave)
Other: before the sync my slave-select provides consistent data, after the
sync my slave-select provides consitent data, until the sync process it is
possible such select, that reads from one table old data, and from the other
2 tables new data?

And a more deepgoing one: if i have a herd, with multiple tables(goats)
pushdelta synchronized, and there are changes in one of the goats, then the
synchronizing process picks up automatically all changes from the other
goats too, and will all those actually-nown changes synchronized to slave db
in one transaction, or with multiple transactions?

sorry for my english, i know it could be better :/, hope its understandable
after all.

thank you for your answers!

Nagy Márton
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