[Bucardo-general] Running maintenance routines inside of Bucardo

Selena Deckelmann selena at endpoint.com
Sat Dec 12 02:05:54 UTC 2009

We've got this todo item:

- Have Bucardo do the cleanups based on PG version, rather than cronjobs
   (e.g. vacuum pg_listener, purge_bucardo_delta)

I started thinking it through, and am wondering: Which process (or processes) should take care of 
these maintenance routines?

I whittled down the universe of possibilities to:

* Have maintenance routines run as special type of KID
-- PROs: independent, easy to clean up
-- CONs: Extra connections to the databases

* Have maintenance routines run inside of KIDs
-- PROs: Already have all the database handles
-- CONs: (maybe) not very modular; might bog down syncs/slow down replication



Selena Deckelmann
End Point Corporation
selena at endpoint.com

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