[Bucardo-general] Slony-to-bucardo migration script

Joshua Tolley josh at endpoint.com
Thu Dec 24 18:38:01 UTC 2009

I've just pushed a script called slony_migrator.pl to the Bucardo repository,
under the scripts/ directory. This script is designed to make it easy to
migrate from Slony to Bucardo. Give it the address of a Slony cluster node,
and it will figure out all the nodes and sets involved in the cluster and how
they're replicated. It will then spit out bucardo_ctl commands you could use
to take the same cluster and replicate it with Bucardo.

I'm playing with it to determine the best way to migrate from Slony to Bucardo
with as little downtime as possible; the easy way would be to stop whatever
apps are using the cluster, kill slon daemons, run the bucardo commands
slony_migrator.pl produces, start Bucardo, and start your applications. Then
clean out Slony by dropping the slony schema.

I've tested this with a fairly complicated Slony schema, involving multiple
sets and cascaded replication. A simple one-set/one-slave Slony cluster should
work just fine on any recent version of Bucardo; the more complex schema I
tested uncovered a couple Bucardo bugs I committed fixes for in recent days.

I welcome any comments, questions, criticisms, suggestions, etc. Thanks.

Josh Tolley  josh at endpoint.com  801-485-0203
End Point Corporation
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