[Bucardo-general] multi-master replication

Joshua Tolley josh at endpoint.com
Mon Dec 28 18:42:46 UTC 2009

On Mon, Dec 28, 2009 at 05:34:56PM +0800, ellisa setia wrote:
>    Hi, I'm having problems running a pushdelta sync type. Here is the         
>    configuration:                                                             
>    db_A ->pushdelta-> db_D                                                    
>    db_B ->pushdelta-> db_D                                                    
>    db_C ->pushdelta-> db_D                                                    
>    and each db have different data, but have same table(several tables), pk.  
>    i already try to replicate db_A, db_B, db_C to db_D using pushdelta sync   
>    type but it doesnt work.                                                   
>    question :                                                                 
>    1. what possibility that makes it doesnt works?                            

Do the logs have anything to say about it? You might just send your
log.bucardo file to this list.

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