[Bucardo-general] Failed on make test on Bucardo 3.1.0 and a question about timeofday() usage

Benoit Myard myardbenoit at gmail.com
Wed Feb 11 05:08:51 UTC 2009

Dear all,

On Wed, 2009-02-11 at 09:29 +0700, yan farmawan wrote:
> I'm testing bucardo git version 3.1.0. with postgresql 8.3.3 and perl 5.10.0

I have the same behavior with version 3.2.6 of Bucardo but same version
of Perl.

> Unfortunately I failed on 'make test'. Mostly on these lines:
> (note: xxxx is the name of all test script)
> Subroutine main::like redefined at t/xxxx line 14
> Subroutine main::pass redefined at t/xxxx line 14y
> Subroutine main::isa_ok redefined at t/xxxx line 14
> Subroutine main::ok redefined at t/xxx line 14
> Subroutine main::is_deeply redefined at t/xxx line 14

The errors seems to be the same for me.. see attached file. Op forgot
the first line though:

Subroutine main::is redefined at t/xxxx line xx

Looking at the source of t/BucardoTesting.pm, it seems obvious that the
routines are known to be redefined (see line 693) and I believe that the
fatal error is:

Line 17: Can't locate object method "setup_database" via package
"BucardoTesting" at t/02-monkey_with_db_table.t line 17.

In t/BucardoTesting.pm, 'setup_database' is defined after the
programmatic end of the script. I don't feel like going any further in
the code because I guess it's under heavy work and if I try to arrange
some bits here and there , I might have to arrange some other bits over
there and so on.


Benoit Myard <0xEBCA526B> :wq!
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