[Bucardo-general] Very general/basic questions

Goran Gugic goran.gugic at gmail.com
Mon Jun 8 09:33:19 UTC 2009

Hello to everyone,

I am in the middle of my first attempt of testing and implementing bucardo
and even though I studied it a bit I can only say that I am very far from
grasping all the details of the mechanics (just finished reading
http://blog.endpoint.com/2009/05/design-of-bucardo-version-1.html which was
insightful), however I still have quite a few questions.

In order of importance... :)

1. Can bucardo handle the following?

MasterA <-> MasterB
MasterA <-> MasterC

with conflict resolution that latest record wins and that the changes are
made to all three masters? Would this be normaly accomplished with 2 swap
syncs with goats resolution set to latest record (what else is important in
this scenario? should makedelta be set to true in goat and sync? should
has_delta be set to true in goat?)

2. Is it possible to take a single sync and/or single database offline and
keep runing bucardo?

For example: MasterC looses connection to MasterA. I would like to continue
replicating between A and B while fixing the connection. Can this be done?

Pointers to documentation, other discussions, etc are all highly welcome
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