[Bucardo-general] [Bucardo-commits] [Bucardo] First pass at removing Moose dependency.

Ben Allen bsa at lanl.gov
Sat May 16 01:45:08 UTC 2009

Greg this patch resolved the SIGPIPE issue from bucardo_ctl needed -- 
dbhost see: [Bucardo-general] Kid Dies When using Syslog for Logging,  

However I still need to wrap line 668 of Bucardo.pm with an eval, see  
[Bucardo-general] SIGPIPE Problems. I've found this to be a FreeBSD  
6.3 or some weird system specific bug as I can't reproduce it an any  
newer FreeBSD version. I can reproduce it on both my FreeBSD 6.3  
database servers though, which are essentially identical in  
configuration. I've pushed this patch to my fork of Bucardo on github  
if interested.

So if you want to make this change to the main repo that'd be great,  
if not feel free to leave it out and I can keep my install patched.


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