[Bucardo-general] Little zombie problem

Selena Deckelmann selena at endpoint.com
Mon Nov 9 00:15:57 UTC 2009

I'm seeing a zombie left around from a test case I generated for pushdelta syncs.
The examples I created are at:


This is specifically for the scripts in the pushdelta_sync directory.


1) Create a pushdelta sync with an initial 'onetimecopy=2'
2) Start up bucardo
3) Wait for the initial sync to finish
4) Find a zombie perl process hanging around

The problem with the zombie is that it prevents future pushdeltas from being successful, because the 
'kill -0' check succeeds.

This may be a problem specific to my platform/version of perl (Mac OS X 10.5.8/perl 5.8.8). I have 
the latest versions of perl modules installed, and my tests pass.

If I change $SIG{CHLD} from 'IGNORE' to a handler on an earlier version (not the current HEAD), I 
seem to be able to get rid of the zombie. This is a bit ham-fisted, however.  My diff for Bucardo.pm 
against HEAD is attached.

Help? :)


Selena Deckelmann
End Point Corporation
selena at endpoint.com

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