[Bucardo-general] check_postgres.pl --action=replicate_row

akp geek akpgeek at gmail.com
Wed Apr 7 15:57:27 UTC 2010

Hi all -

I am tryirng to use this function to monitor the I have one question. I used
the function the following way.

documentation says
*A specific column of this row will be changed from one value to another.
All of this is fed to the **repinfo** option, and should contain the
following options, separated by commas: table name, primary key, key id,
column, first value, second value.*

based on this I gave the following.  I got an error. If any one used this,
Can you please help?

/usr/local/nagios/libexec/check_postgres.pl --action=replicate_row
--host=dbHost1 --dbname=database1 --host2=dbHost2 --dbname2=database1
--critical=60 -repinfo=event,transactionid,1,statuscode,ACT,CAN

Password for user postgres:
Password for user postgres:

*ERROR: Cannot test replication: values are not the right ones (*
* not ACT nor CAN)*
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