[Bucardo-general] Trs: all tables and several tables

ellisa setia ellisasd at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 19 09:25:40 UTC 2010

helo all,

i have 3 DB on diff port,

DB1 port 5000 --> DB2 port 5001, i make herd for all tables on DB1 
                                                 and herd for all tables on DB2 both on port 5001
                                                 i make sync pushdelta "DB1_DB2"  
DB2 port 5001 --> DB3 port 5002, i make herd for several tables on DB2 
                                            and herd for several tables on DB3 both on port 5002
                                                 i make sync pushdelta "DB2_DB3"

why "DB2_DB3" cannot replicate data?

there is no error message, need help......

thx b4

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