[Bucardo-general] Questions About Using Bucardo

Idan Shinberg idan at superfish.com
Tue Jul 20 12:34:31 UTC 2010

Hello THere All. I'm Using Postgresql to hist a constantly growing DB of
products. Current count is at 75M  , Planned Count is 500M.

Get's About 5M Updates a day 

We're currently considering Our Options to Share the Load on different

Of Course , Partitiong ( Via Pg-Pool-II parallel query ) is an option.

As For Multi Masters , Bucardo Seems to be  only real solution to
Master/Master Replication.

Without Getting to much into the DB's Construction , table division ,
indexes or keys Just Wanted To know :

1. Is Anyone Using Bucardo TO LoadBalance DB's  At That Scale ?
2. Did Anyone have Data Corruption/Integerity Issues with Bucardo ?
3. Did Anyone Have Speed/Latency Issues With Bucarrdo ?

Tnks for all your help

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