[Bucardo-general] Questions About Using Bucardo

Greg Sabino Mullane greg at endpoint.com
Tue Jul 20 15:46:08 UTC 2010

To expand a little bit beyond the other answer:

> 1. Is Anyone Using Bucardo TO LoadBalance DB's At That Scale ?

Yes. All replication systems will add some overhead, especially 
multi-master systems, but it should be doable.

> 2. Did Anyone have Data Corruption/Integerity Issues with Bucardo ?

No, it's designed to keep things completely safe. The only way around 
that is to set things up wrong (e.g. you have to replicate all tables 
at once that are connected by foreign keys).

> 3. Did Anyone Have Speed/Latency Issues With Bucarrdo ?

Yes. As stated above, all replication systems will add load to the 
database and slow things down. How slow and how much load depends 
a great deal on how many tables you are replicating and how much 
data is changing, as well as the network between the different 

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