[Bucardo-general] This doesn't look right...

Greg Sabino Mullane greg at endpoint.com
Wed Jun 30 16:19:56 UTC 2010

> Type:                 pushdelta
> Source herd/database: sorbs2slave / usmaster
> Target database:      backup_server
> Tables in sync:       58
> Last good:            10m 45s (time to run: 20m 18s)
> Last good time:       Jun 27, 2010 17:37:29  Target: backup_server
> Ins/Upd/Del:          568676 / 0 / 2262
> Type:                 swap
> Source herd/database: sorbs2master / aumaster
> Target database:      usmaster
> Tables in sync:       58
> Last good:            1h 15m 43s (time to run: 29m 17s)
> Last good time:       Jun 27, 2010 16:32:39  Target: usmaster
> Ins/Upd/Del:          33183 / 171 / 0
> Note the insert counts...  how can the delta be more than the swap for
> inserts... it's all supposed to be in sync....

Hard to say from just this data. What is more disconcerting to me is 
the amount of time the syncs are taking - 20 minutes for half a 
million rows in a pushdelta sync indicates something wrong is 
going on. Do the logs indicate why things are taking so long?

The inserts will be different, but should not be *that* different. A 
swap sync may have updates, but a pushdelta sync never will, it will 
simply have deletes plus inserts (which covers deletes, updates, and 
inserts). In this case, it deleted 2262 rows, although it may have 
requested many more (via DELETE FROM foo WHERE pk IN (1,2,3...))
If you can narrow it to a smaller test case, that would help see 
what is going on (perhaps creating separate syncs with a single 

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