[Bucardo-general] bucardorc

Greg Sabino Mullane greg at endpoint.com
Wed May 26 20:37:26 UTC 2010

>    can u tell me about bucardorc, how make bucardorc or maybe u can send
>    an examples of bucardorc file, coz i plan to use bucardo with several


>    when one of slave server DOWN replication like stop, sync seem not
>    running with that reason how can i make bucardo_ctl on master server to control
>    each slave server, so if one slave server DOWN the other slave server
>    still can send data

This is a known issue. The only way around it right now is to mark the down 
database as inactive in the bucardo.db table. If things are really separate, 
you could also run three separate Bucardo daemons, each responsible for 
connecting to a separate slave.

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