[Bucardo-general] Missing records,

Kaveh Mousavi Zamani kaveh at kavehmz.info
Fri Apr 15 07:27:57 UTC 2011

Thanks for your clarification Greg,

The order of commits must be the cause then,

I will patch my local bucardo module for now, but I will also eagerly wait
for official release of the fix.

Best Regards

On Fri, Apr 15, 2011 at 1:50 AM, Greg Sabino Mullane <greg at endpoint.com>wrote:

> On Thu, Apr 14, 2011 at 09:48:22AM +0800, Kaveh Mousavi Zamani wrote:
> > Checking delta and track tables is a great idea. But unfortunate for me,
> we
> > run "bucardo.bucardo_purge_delta" and "bucardo.bucardo_purge_q_table"
> every
> > month and track and delta tables are clean of any useful information.
> No, you want to run those often. Many places run those every five minutes!
> > All 7 missing records, are from a period of time (in the same minute)
> that
> > slave DB had many problems
> Well, it's possible there is a race condition somewhere.
> > In a very simple way, is this the flow of process in bucardo?
> >
> > Begin Master Transaction
> > Begin Slave Transaction
> >     Read From Master
> >     Update Salve
> >     Update Master
> > Commit Slave
> > Commit Master
> Yes, except the last two are reversed. So it's possible that the a row for
> bucardo_track was created indicating that slave was updated, when in fact
> it was not because at some point after the master commit, but before the
> target commit, the target fails. The literal source code is:
> $self->glog('Issuing final commit for source and target');
> $sourcedbh->commit();
> $targetdbh->commit();
> As an immediate band-aid, you can flip those two commits around. That way,
> we don't update the master until the kid has finished. That's a lot safer,
> as the only drawback to the kid finishing but not the master is having
> the rows copied over again. Thanks for the report: even if it's not what
> happened in your case, this is a bug that should get fixed.
> If you can find the bucardo logs from that period of time, that may help
> figure out what is going on as well.
> --
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