[Bucardo-general] Problem TRIGGERS with REPLICATION !

Nicolas Charpentier nicolas.charpentier at sigprotech.com
Fri Apr 15 08:00:33 UTC 2011


I explain you the problem


Network : Network1
Network : Network2

Database : Db1
Database : Db2

Table : l0                      ------Bucardo----->
Table : l0      ---Trigger------->      l1


When I write in l0 from Db2,

Data in l1 is written by a trigger


But when I write l0 from Db1,

l0 from Db2 is replicated, but data in l1 is not written


Is bucardo desactiving the trigger of Network2 ; 

And what should I do to solve this problem ?


Best Regards,

Nicolas Charpentier

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