[Bucardo-general] swap sync always "waiting"

Jonathan Brinkman JB at BlackSkyTech.com
Mon Aug 8 22:02:08 UTC 2011

I have a swap sync that just doesn't seem to want to run regularly. 
Bucardo_ctl status always shows the swap sync "waiting" like this:
orca_swap_main_and_gate       | S   |WAIT:1m28s|12837|unknown  |     |
|unknown |

when I restart Bucardo I often see:
[Mon Aug  8 17:58:16 2011]  MCP Got notice
"bucardo_kick_sync_orca_swap_main_and_gate" from 1549 on database orca_gate
[Mon Aug  8 17:58:16 2011]  MCP Sent a kick request to controller 12837 for
sync "orca_swap_main_and_gate"
[Mon Aug  8 17:58:16 2011]  CTL Got notice
"bucardo_ctl_kick_orca_swap_main_and_gate" from 12783
[Mon Aug  8 17:58:16 2011]  CTL Could not add to q
Sending manual notification

Where can I look for more information on what's wrong?

Bottom line is the data is NOT syncing between the target and source in
either direction.

Could it have anything to do with "makedelta"?

HELP!! Thank you!!


postgres at client-orca-cloud-db-1:~$ bucardo_ctl status
Days back: 3  User: bucardo  Database: bucardo
Sync name:            orca_swap_main_and_gate
Current state:        WAIT:5m 17s (PID = 12837)
Type:                 swap
Source herd/database: orca_main_and_gate / orca_main
Target database:      orca_gate
Tables in sync:       9
Last good:            unknown
Last bad:             unknown
PID file:
PID file created:     Mon Aug  8 17:55:24 2011
Status:               active
Limitdbs:             0
Priority:             0
Checktime:            none
Overdue time:         00:00:00
Expired time:         00:00:00
Stayalive:            yes      Kidsalive: yes
Rebuild index:        0        Do_listen: yes
Ping:                 yes      Makedelta: yes
Onetimecopy:          0
postgres at client-orca-cloud-db-1:~$

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On Mon, Aug 8, 2011 at 10:49 AM, Jonathan Brinkman <JB at blackskytech.com>

> CTL Could not add to q ... Sending manual notification

That's not actually an error, in the sense that something *broke*;
it's a message Bucardo emits to the logs when a replication event
occurs while it's busy handling a previous event. When that happens,
the controller (CTL) tells the running sync that there's more data to
replicate, rather than starting a new one.  (Hence the "sending manual
notification" bit.)

Could you be more specific about what happens when your sync "stops"?



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