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Greg Sabino Mullane greg at endpoint.com
Tue Dec 6 21:02:26 UTC 2011

> I am going to need to do multi-master replication soon, so it looks like 
> I'll need to upgrade to version 5. Question.
> We use haproxy to split requests evenly accross db servers, but need all 
> the writes consolidated on each machine. When I have done this in the 
> past with MySQL, I had machine A replicate to B, B to C and C to A, ie, 
> B was a slave of A, etc, which worked well for the way MySQL does 
> replication. And to avoid primary key conflicts, we create a sequence 
> for each machine with a different offset starting value, eg, 1,2,3 and 
> have them increment by, say, 10.
> Is this a sensible way to approach the problem with bucardo 5 or is 
> there a better way to achieve our aim. Should I use delta or swap.

Bucardo 5 has no delta or swap, so that much is easier :). You simply 
tell it which databases to replicate, and indicate if each is a 
source or a target. The sequence increment by is a good method. For 
a three-way multimaster, you'd setup the sync like this:

bucardo add dbgroup pg A:source B:source C:source
bucardo add sync foobar herd=myherd dbs=pg

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