[Bucardo-general] what to do when master-master replication failed?

Yan Chunlu springrider at gmail.com
Sat Dec 10 10:24:50 UTC 2011

hi, all:

I have just tried bucardo and found it is great to do master-master
replication, especially for me that I have two master db across
datacenter which has 200ms latency.

currently I am planning to using bucardo to do master-master
replication, plus repmgr to do master-slave replication in case one
master failed. I only sync the tables, and the sequences are seperate
with odd and even.

like this:

DC1                         DC2
master1(odd)           master2(even)
slave1                      slave2

what I am wondering is, database always have a chance to fail, in my
use case, both master need to be alive all the time, because they all
need to accept writes.

so once a master died, I need to promote the slave immediately, but
then what happened with bucardo synchronizer?  could I just change the
server ip in bucardo's database?   because the master-slave is using
PITR, all the schema, triggers, users would be the same between master
and slave.

If that could work, I think it should be the way to handle failover.

I can not afford for even one of the master to fail.    thanks for all the help!

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