[Bucardo-general] sync won't run

James Gagan james.gagan at gmail.com
Tue Dec 13 05:29:38 UTC 2011

Hi, this is my first stab at using Bucardo.

I've set up a sync on a remote slave.  The sync validates ok:

Bucardo-4.4.8 # bucardo_ctl validate songspin_delta
Validating sync songspin_delta...DONE!

But it will not run.  It just seems to hang when I try to kick or reload it.

Bucardo-4.4.8 # bucardo_ctl --verbose kick songspin_delta 0
Kick songspin_delta: [200 s]
It does this indefinitely.

Here is the output of bucardo_ctl status:

/Bucardo-4.4.8 # bucardo_ctl status songspin_delta
Days back: 3  User: bucardo  Database: bucardo
Sync name:            songspin_delta
Current state:        idle (PID = )
Type:                 pushdelta
Source herd/database: songspin_delta / songspin_load
Target database:      songspin_web
Tables in sync:       4
Last good:            unknown
Last bad:             unknown
PID file:
PID file created:
Status:               active
Limitdbs:             0
Priority:             0
Checktime:            none
Overdue time:         00:00:00
Expired time:         00:00:00
Stayalive:            yes      Kidsalive: yes
Rebuild index:        0        Do_listen: no
Ping:                 yes      Makedelta: no
Onetimecopy:          2

Can anyone tell me what I may be missing, or if there's a more detailed
bucardo log I should be looking at?

James Gagan

email: james.gagan at gmail.com <james.gagan at gmail.com>
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