[Bucardo-general] about running Bucardo4 and Bucardo5 in the same time

Yan Chunlu springrider at gmail.com
Thu Dec 15 14:29:49 UTC 2011

I am planning to use Bucardo5's faster master-master replication on
one of my table. and others using Bucardo4's master-slave replication.
 Since Bucardo5 seems still not stable yet. I would like to give it a
try on one table.

I have two database A and B. the latency between them is 200ms.
I have already configured Bucardo4 to run on A, and running
"pushdelta" replication to B without any problem.

My first thought is to install Bucardo5 on database C.  then add A and
B to it's db table, to run master-master sync on A->mytable &&

but after went through the UPGRADE instruction of Bucardo5.  It seems
not that easy, Bucardo5 changed some db schema as it says:
3. Upgrade the Bucardo database
The bucardo script has an 'upgrade' command that connects to the
existing Bucardo database and upgrades the schema as needed.
./bucardo upgrade

and besides I think both Bucardo4 and Bucardo5 will need the
bucardo_delta table on the database A.   so I am afraid to broke the
running Bucardo4.

is there any workaround about this? thanks a lot!

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