[Bucardo-general] Installer question

Tim Lloyd tim.lloyd at adelix.com
Fri Jan 7 09:09:11 UTC 2011

Hi Everyone

I'm new to Bucardo and looking to migrate a Slony cluster to it once 
I've got it up and running. I've got the package on an Ubuntu Lucid 
10.04 platform with PostgreSQL 8.4 and all dependencies are met.

When trying to install Bucardo, as follows:

Current connection settings:
1. Host:          localhost
2. Port:          5432
3. User:          censornet
4. Database:      censornet
5. PID directory: /var/run/bucardo
Enter a number to change it, P to proceed, or Q to quit:

I press P to proceed, it prompts me for the password for user 
'censornet' which I give it:

Password for user censornet:
Postgres version is: 8.4
Attempting to create and populate the bucardo database and schema
Password for user censornet:

It then asks me for the password for 'bucardo' user:

Password for user bucardo:

Now according to the documentation on your wiki, it says the installer 
will create a Bucardo user with no password and what I should do is use 
pg_hba.conf to trust the connection.

So I tried the following two lines separately in pg_hba.conf, each time 
restarting PostgreSQL:

local all bucardo trust


host all bucardo trust

The installer always prompts for the Bucardo password and it bombs out 
with this error:

INSTALLATION FAILED! (psql:/usr/local/share/bucardo/bucardo.schema:15: 
\connect: FATAL:  password authentication failed for user "bucardo"

Installation cannot proceed unless the Pl/PerlU language is available
This is usually available as a separate package
For example, you might try: yum install postgresql-plperl
If compiling from source, add the --with-perl option to your ./configure 

FYI I have postgresql-plperl-8.4 package also installed:

postgresql-plperl-8.4                                 8.4.6-0ubuntu10.04

I would appreciate it if anyone could point me in the right direction,



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