[Bucardo-general] How to skip a failing command ?

Greg Sabino Mullane greg at endpoint.com
Wed Jul 6 21:11:23 UTC 2011

On Tue, Jul 05, 2011 at 12:26:30PM +0300, Kiriakos Tsourapas wrote:
> Without knowing perl, I made the following change :
> $list .= sprintf '(%s),' => join ',' => map { s{\\}{\\\\}; qq{$_}; } @$row;
> and it worked fine.
> Please let me know if you think I have done something wrong...

That looks fine to me: glad it worked out. I'll check when I have a 
few moments and see if that should be back-patched.

> P.S. Please let me know if there is a guide for upgrade from 4.5.0 to 5.0

No, not yet, 5.0 is still in active development.

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