[Bucardo-general] Swap replication latency

Greg Sabino Mullane greg at endpoint.com
Mon May 2 01:36:17 UTC 2011

> Last good:            40m 30s (time to run: 46m 19s)
> Last good time:       May 01, 2011 16:15:24  Target: xxxxxxx_remote
> Ins/Upd/Del:          8674 / 2501 / 11
> Any ideas?

You need to check your logs and follow a single KID process to see 
where all the time is being taken. Feel free to be aggresive in 
purging the bucardo_delta table: that's a common cause of delay. 
To be specific, run:

SELECT bucardo_purge_delta('5 minutes'::interval);

followed by:

VACUUM VERBOSE bucardo_delta;
VACUUM VERBOSE bucardo_track;

You could also try a vacuum full on those, but that will block 
all your replicated tables until it finishes, so be careful.

Also make sure your q table is getting cleaned up. You can run:

SELECT bucardo_purge_q_table('5 minutes'::interval);

But it's probably faster and simpler to just truncate the table 
once Bucardo is stopped. You will temporarily lose some of 
the "Last good" stats, but might be worth it.

However, the logs are really the best place to start to see 
where all the time is being taken.

Greg Sabino Mullane greg at endpoint.com
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