[Bucardo-general] MCP Warning! Sequence mismatch

Antonio L. Olivar Jr. aolivar at mdphil.net
Thu May 12 05:14:32 UTC 2011


I’m having problem in replicating sequences.  
No error in log.bucardo and bucardo.warning.log files. Only a warning says “MCP Warning! Sequence mismatch....”
I tried other machines with bucardo_ctl but the same problem below. 

First Setup: 
  sync type = pushdelta
  problem=not automatically sync’d to target db.
  *In able to work, need to kick sync name to make it sync’d. 

Second Setup: 
  sync type = swap (standard_conflict=highest or source)
  problem=not sync’d to target db even kicked the sync name.

bucardo_ctl version 4.4.3
postgres version 9.0.4

Please help. Thank you in advance.
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