[Bucardo-general] Questions !!!

Greg Sabino Mullane greg at endpoint.com
Wed May 25 18:43:20 UTC 2011

> 1- How many can grow the cluster. Or how many slaves can be added to a sync?

Nobody knows, as there is no perfect answer. The performance and replication 
time will decrease as you add more slaves, but at what point the tradeoffs 
become not worth it is up to you. Reports from the field welcome. :)

> 2- There is at road-map some master-master-master...-master solution?

Yes, that's currently underway and testable by using git HEAD.

> 3- How fail-over is resolved? Now there is only one instance of bucardo, if this 
> instance fail then the cluster stop working and data is loss. Like a bucardo 
> cluster.

There is no built-in failover support. If you mean the bucardo database itself, 
it's small enough and static enough that you could use pg_dump to back it 
up and replicate it. Or Bucardo itself, if so desired. Or even PITR.

If you mean the databases, with master-master you don't need it of course, 
but to promote a slave to master you'd switch its role for a sync, 
run validate_sync, and restart Bucardo. Definitely not as slick or as 
data-loss resistant as Slony, but strong failover was one of its design 
goals, and not one of Bucardo's.

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