[Bucardo-general] How to upgrade Bucardo from Version 4.5.0

tee syuan s_yuan31tee at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 7 09:55:31 UTC 2011


I am currently using Bucardo version 4.5.0 in live site. But recently as I checked in Bucardo's site, seems it shows the latest stable version is 4.4.6. May I know what happen to 4.5.0? Is it has been discontinued? 

Should I change my Bucardo version to use 4.4.6 or should I wait for 5.0 which is released soon (I guess)? 

May I know what is the upgrade (to future 5.0) or downgrade (to 4.4.6) procedure for Bucardo, without losing the state of replication in my live production system? Can anyone provide help / link to follow?

Help is much appreciated.

shuwn yuan
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