[Bucardo-general] Basic bucardo 5 multimaster setting does not seem to work.

amador alvarez aalvarez at d2.com
Wed Apr 25 00:31:24 UTC 2012

Hi there,
I have been testing multimaster with Bucardo 4 using swap and so far so 
good, now I am trying to do the same with Bucardo 5 and it does not work.

These are the settings:

  ./bucardo add database *db222 *dbname=dbtestbuc9 port=5584 host=hosta 
Added database "db222"
  ./bucardo add database*dbtest *dbname=dbtestbuc9 port=5584 host=hostb 
Added database "dbtest"
  ./bucardo add all tables db=db222
New tables added: 2
  ./bucardo add all tables db=dbtest
New tables added: 2
  ./bucardo list tables
1. Table: public.table1  DB: db222   PK: a (int4)
3. Table: public.table1  DB: dbtest  PK: a (int4)
4. Table: public.table2  DB: dbtest  PK: a (int4)
2. Table: public.table2  DB: db222   PK: a (int4)
  ./bucardo add herd herdtest1 public.table1
Created herd "herdtest1"
The following tables are now part of the herd "herdtest1":
  ./bucardo add dbgroup dbgroup1 *db222:source dbtest:source*
Created database group "dbgroup1"
Added database "db222" to group "dbgroup1" as source
Added database "dbtest" to group "dbgroup1" as source
*./bucardo add sync sync1 herd=herdtest1 dbs=dbgroup1*
Added sync "sync1"
  ./bucardo start

and bucardo.log seems fine, with connections toward both databases and a 
kid for the sync up. Did i forget something ? I would appreciate any 
light over it.

Thanks in advance,
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