[Bucardo-general] master slave not syncing after db upgrade.

jtkells jtkells at verizon.net
Mon Aug 6 13:27:32 UTC 2012


I'm having a bit of trouble here getting a master to slave replication
environment working after a database schema upgrade.  I am using
bucardo 4.4.8 on a postgreSQL 8..4.8 database

I have been running this master slave configuration for a long time.
We recently updated our schema(adding a lot of new columns etc. to a
lot of tables). To accommodate these changes I performed the following
1) I stop bucardo 
2) I remove all tables from bucardo
3) I remove the herd that these tables belonged to 
On the database side (Master) 
I drop the schema and recreate the schema and all its tables (new
I load the tables through program code which generates millions of
records to these tables (100).
I do a pg_dump of this schema and copy it over to the slave database
On the slave database:
I drop all the replicated tables and run pg_restore.

On both system I analyze these tables 
On the master database I
4) I add the tables back into bucardo
5) I create the herd for them
6) and I start bucardo 
Bucardo goes through checks and generates the following record for each
of the tables 
[Mon Aug  6 09:16:07 2012]  CTL   Herd member 19494511:
[Mon Aug  6 09:16:07 2012]  CTL     Target oids: agis_slave:4480021

I update some columns in a table to test replication and nothing
happens. I have tried to do several commands to get bucardo to start
processing the new changes (reload, kick etc.) but still nothing.  I
suspect the "Latest bad reason: Controller cleaning out unstarted q
entry  " is causing the problem but not sure how to fix this? Should I
have deleted the sync's?  

Name     Type  State PID   Last_good Time  I/U/D Last_bad Time
agis_18b| P   |idle |12596|4m39s    |9s   |0/0/0|25m49s  |0s  

Sync: agis_18b  (pushdelta)  esri18b =>  agis_slave  (Active)

postgres at arp-db:~$ bucardo_ctl status agis_18b
Days back: 3  User: bucardo  Database: bucardo
Sync name:            agis_18b
Current state:        idle (PID = 12596)
Type:                 pushdelta
Source herd/database: esri18b / agis_master
Target database:      agis_slave
Tables in sync:       100
Last good:            5m 25s (time to run: 9s)
Last good time:       Aug 06, 2012 09:16:17  Target: agis_slave
Ins/Upd/Del:          0 / 0 / 0
Last bad:             26m 35s (time to run: 0s)
Last bad time:        Aug 06, 2012 08:55:07  Target: agis_slave
Latest bad reason: Controller cleaning out unstarted q entry
PID file:             /tmp/bucardo.ctl.sync.agis_18b.pid
PID file created:     Mon Aug  6 09:16:07 2012
Status:               active
Limitdbs:             0
Priority:             0
Checktime:            none
Overdue time:         00:00:00
Expired time:         00:00:00
Stayalive:            yes      Kidsalive: yes
Rebuild index:        0        Do_listen: no 
Ping:                 yes      Makedelta: no 
Onetimecopy:          0

Thanking you in advance

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