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Martin Bramwell martinhbramwell at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 15 12:00:11 UTC 2012


I found Bucardo earlier today by googling "Postgres bidirectional replication", and I'd like to ask if it is suited to a situation I have in mind.

I live in a developing country where Internet connectivity to the rest of the world is not 100% reliable; its more like 98%.  I am preparing a start-up import/export company here with Magento and OpenERP (that use PostgreSQL on the back-end, of course).  They have small sales teams and customers here, in the USA and in Southeast Asia.  

My idea for ensuring continuous data access for all three teams is to run two server machines: one in their head-office here and the other as a rented VPS overseas.  I'd run Bucardo "somewhere" to keep the two databases synchronized.

Since, I pretty much count on losing connection between the two machines for two or three hours every week, I wonder how Bucardo would handle such behavior.  Especially, we experience what I'd call "sputtering" connections; a few packets 
get through every minute or so, for prolonged periods)  

In general terms my questions might be:
1) Is there a maximum downtime between master servers beyond which Bucardo will croak?
2) Does Bucardo handle "sputtering" replication gracefully?

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