[Bucardo-general] turn off bucardo non-emergency email notifications?

Jonathan Brinkman JB at BlackSkyTech.com
Wed Mar 7 01:17:59 UTC 2012

grep -ri bucardo /etc/cron.d /var/spool/cron

finds nothing. Just returns a new line

root at dev-cloud-db-1:/etc/cron.d# grep -ri bucardo /etc/cron.d
root at dev-cloud-db-1:/etc/cron.d#

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On Tuesday, March 06, 2012 08:04:45 PM Jonathan Brinkman wrote:
> Crontab -l returns "no crontab for postgres" (postgres user) and "no
> for bucardo" (bucardo user)
> I use nano
> When I go sudo nano /etc/crontab I don't see any references to bucardo
> The emails come from
> Sender: "Cron Daemon",
> subject line: Cron <root at client-orca-cloud-db-1> 	psql -X -q -d
> bucardo -U bucardo -c "SELECT bucardo_purge_q_table('5
> Message body:
> NOTICE:  Rows left in q table: 27
>  bucardo_purge_q_table
> -----------------------
>                    156
> (1 row)
> Where do I edit to stop this message?

grep -ri bucardo /etc/cron.d /var/spool/cron

That ought to find it.

Or maybe ask whoever set it up.

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