[Bucardo-general] b4: what's the context of the 2-way multi-master limitation?

Bill McGonigle bill at bfccomputing.com
Fri Mar 16 04:06:25 UTC 2012

Hi, everybody,

I'm wondering if what I'm trying to do is legit:

I have databases 'left' and 'right' synchronizing tables 'A' through
'Z'.  There's a swap sync keeping them synchronized quite well.

Now, I want to synchronize a third database 'wan' with tables 'J'
through 'R' from 'left'.

So, I set up the bucardo tables with a new dbgroup, herd, herdgroup, and
sync, and it validates properly, and replication happens between 'left'
and 'wan'.  But then replication doesn't seem to happen between 'left'
and 'right' on those tables.

So then I thought, "oh, maybe this is a 3-way multimaster setup that's
not supported in b4," and realized that I don't know if the limitation
is per-sync, per table, or just more generally.  Figured I should ask
here to see if this is a legitimate setup before proceeding further or
planning a b5 switch.


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