[Bucardo-general] permission denied to set parameter "session_replication_role"

jtkells jtkells at verizon.net
Thu Mar 22 17:21:05 UTC 2012

I'm tying to setup a master to a slave replication environment.  When I
start the sync I am getting the following error that is repeating in the
log.bucardo file:

[Thu Mar 22 13:25:33 2012]  KID Kid exiting at cleanup_kid. Reason:
DBD::Pg::db do failed: ERROR:  permission denied to set parameter
"session_replication_role" at /usr/local/share/perl/5.10.1/Bucardo.pm
line 4058. 
main error: none source error: none target error: 7
States://42501 [Thu Mar 22 13:25:33 2012]  KID Removed pid file

I looked at the code and it appears to be talking about the slave????
The slave account ( and the master account ) are normal users.  Do
they need to be a superuser?  

Code at 4058
## Note: no need to turn these back to what they were: we always want
to stay in replica mode if ($target_disable_trigrules eq 'replica') {
        $targetdbh->do(q{SET session_replication_role = 'replica'});

Databases are 8.4.11  running on Ubuntu server (master) and desktop
(slave) version (10.4) 

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