[Bucardo-general] github mirror not updated

Ali Asad Lotia ali at anobii.com
Thu May 10 11:37:56 UTC 2012

In an effort to make my meager contributions easier to manage, I was
hoping to use github to send further patches and have noticed that as
of Thu 10 May 2012 11:14:29 UTC the latest commmit to the master
branch of the Github mirror is
f80f6a36118db85a1f0f2e2f0de089275254374e dated Apr 30, 2012 while the
latest commit to master in the repo hosted by bucardo is
bc3528ed141811b1f253ddcaada832e9a783a002 dated Wed May 9 16:56:39 2012
-0400 which suggests that the automatic push to Github may not be

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