[Bucardo-general] slow swap sync debug?

Jonathan Brinkman jb at blackskytech.com
Fri May 11 13:17:34 UTC 2012

I have a swap sync that should only take 3-4 seconds to run, but is WAITING
for 30-45 seconds every time. This causes down-line problems as the user
must wait that long, and thinks something is broken so they "try again"
causing additional problems.
Is there a way to debug a swap sync to see what is causing the delay?
Using bucardo 4.4.8 ubuntu 10.04LTS postgresql 8.4

Every second bucardo is sending a KICK to that sync, and the log.bucardo
repeatedly replies that it can't add to q:

[Fri May 11 09:16:19 2012]  MCP Sent a kick request to controller 5529 for
sync "cmsdemo_swap_main_and_gate"
[Fri May 11 09:16:19 2012]  CTL Got notice
"bucardo_ctl_kick_cmsdemo_swap_main_and_gate" from 5314
[Fri May 11 09:16:19 2012]  CTL Could not add to q
t=1. Sending manual notification
[]  CTL Got notice "bucardo_ctl_kick_cmsdemo_swap_main_and_gate" from 5

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