[Bucardo-general] Disk Space Usage Looking for help

Michael Rasumoff michael.rasumoff at mvisolutions.com
Fri May 11 21:02:55 UTC 2012

Hello, I had a contractor install Bucardo for one of my clients.


The client is now reporting his disk space for his database partition is
being used  up at an extremely fast rate and wants to know if we've
configured something wrong.


I'm not an expert on PostgreSQL, but if I'm interpreting this information
correctly the Bucardo tables are taking up 3x as much space as the rest of
the database:


gamemine=# select sum(relpages) from pg_class where relname like




(1 row)


gamemine=# select sum(relpages) from pg_class where relname not like
'bucardo_%' and relname not like 'pg_toast_%';




(1 row)


That's a lot of deltas for tables that aren't supposed to be that active.


Can anyone tell me the steps to troubleshoot this issue or if anyone is
available to be hired as a consultant and can take a look at our


Please advise we are desperate for some answers.

Thank you.




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