[Bucardo-general] further work on mongodb multi column pkey support

Ali Asad Lotia ali at anobii.com
Sat May 12 11:25:48 UTC 2012

Hi All,

Please find attached a patch that furthers the work on supporting
syncing tables with multi column pkeys to MongoDB. I'm woefully
ignorant of how to run the test suite and it keeps erroring out on me
so I haven't written any unit tests for it. I have tested it with a
table with 1.8 million rows and both postgres and mongo are happy with
the selection and deletion calls which adhere to the max chunk size

But if people shared what commands are needed to run the tests, I'll
be happy to take a stab at that. I've attached it as a git formatted
patch, so applying it will be slightly different from using patch. But
the advantage is that the commit message will be provided for you. See
for the commands on how to apply the patches if the exact command is
evading you.

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